Long-Term Iridium Rentals

Iridium 9555 Rental Kit

Why Roadpost?

Unbeatable Value

  • FREE accessories
  • FREE incoming calls
  • FREE voicemail service
  • Lowest shipping rates

  • Choice of rental period and satellite phone


Best value – 3 & 6 month rentals

Unbeatable value if you need a phone for 90 days or longer. We dare you to find a better deal with so much flexibility built in.

Roadpost seasonal rentals include:

  • An Iridium phone
  • All the accessories you need
  • Service for 3-6 months or as long as you need
  • 100 or 250 minutes of airtime
Choose an Iridium Rental Plan
Add Loss/Theft Protection

Loss/Theft Protection safeguards you
against the loss, theft or damage
of your satellite phone rental. Click
the Rental Details tab below for more
For delivery before July 16, please call 1.888.290.1616 for
availability of the Iridium 9505A rental phone.

Minutes Included

Our 3 and 6 months rentals don’t just feature the lowest rental rates they also include lots of airtime. The included airtime applies to all chargeable call types except calls to non-Iridium satellite phones, other Iridium phones, two-stage dialing and outgoing SMS/text messages.

Rental Plan Minutes Included
3 Month Rental 100
6 Month Rental 250

The airtime included with your seasonal rental expires at the end of the 90- or 180-day term and does not carry forward. Once your included minutes are used or expired usage will be charged at the standard airtime rates.

Standard Airtime Rates

Call Type Rate
Making Voice Calls  
To landline or cellular phones $1.99/min
To other Iridium satellite phones $1.99/min
Checking voicemail $1.99/min
Receiving Voice Calls  
Direct dial FREE
Two-stage dialing $1.99/min
SMS/Text Messages  
Sending messages 79¢/msg
Receiving messages FREE
Data & Other Call Types  
Making data calls $1.99/min
Receiving data calls FREE
Calling non-Iridium satellite phones $13.99/min

All satellite phone rental airtime rates are per minute, except SMS/text messages which are per message. The rates are the same for all satellite phones and rental plans.

Your Iridium rental kit includes all necessary accessories free of charge.

Only Roadpost offers you the most reliable network plus FREE accessories, voicemail service and calls to 24/7 customer support with every rental. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction.

Airtime Details

  • FREE incoming calls.
  • FREE imcoming text messages.
  • FREE voicemail – a $15 to $25 value.
  • All calls are billed per minute.
  • All SMS/text messages are billed per message.
  • Iridium phone to non-Iridium satellite phone calls can not be applied towards your Airtime Bundles.

Shipping Details

  • Shipping is $40 return anywhere in North America and includes a Welcome Kit containing a prepaid return waybill and shipping pouch.

Loss/Theft Protection Details

Protect yourself against the loss, theft or damage of your rental.

  • If Loss/Theft Protection is declined, replacement phone and accessories are charged as per current Iridium equipment price and all charges are liable until the equipment is reported lost or stolen.
  • Rentals returned in less than the corresponding minimum will still be subject to the minimum monthly loss/damage protection fee of $150.00/month. No credits are available for early rental returns within the minimum corresponding period.

Rental Plan Details

  • Seasonal rental plans are billed from the ‘required date’ chosen by you when you place your order, and continue until the date you choose to ship it back. You can opt to keep the phone longer if you wish.
  • 3 and 6 month rental plans require a minimum three month and 6 month commitment respectively. Please note that no credits will apply for early returns within the respective rental period.
  • What happens if I need my rental a little longer? Rentals that extend beyond the length of the rental term (90 or 180 days depending on your plan) will be charged at the equivalent monthly rate associated with your rental plan; partial months will be prorated. Airtime will be charged at the standard airtime rates.