Build A Plan That's Right For You

1. Choose your subscription

Subscription Services Monthly
Iridium Basic $68.00
Iridium Basic +10 $72.00

An Iridium Basic subscription provides access to the Iridium network with no airtime included – airtime is charged at standard airtime rates. Choose the Iridium Basic+10 to include 10 minutes of airtime each month – a fantastic value for emergency and low airtime users! There are no term commitments on subscriptions, so you can cancel at any time.

2. Add an optional Airtime Bundle

Airtime Bundles In-Bundle Airtime Rate* Monthly Monthly Minutes
Rollover 30 $1.17/min $35.00 30
Rollover 60 $1.08/min $65.00 60
Rollover 120 $1.00/min $120.00 120
Rollover 240 91¢/min $220.00 240
*Iridium to landline, cellular and data calls.

Choose from our wide range of value-driven airtime bundles for great rates on airtime!

3. Add an optional SMS Bundle

SMS Plans In-Bundle SMS Rate Monthly Monthly Messages
SMS 30 50¢/msg $14.95 30
SMS 75 40¢/msg $29.95 75

Choose from our wide range of value-driven SMS bundles for great rates on text messages!

4. Select optional features

Features Monthly
Iridium Voicemail (includes 10 minutes of calls to voicemail) $5.95
Iridium +1 Access & Voicemail $9.95

Add voicemail or +1 access to your plan. With Roadpost's voicemail service, you enjoy your first 2 months FREE plus 10 minutes of calls to voicemail each month!

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