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Designed with employers in mind.

The Enterprise web-based monitoring app has the same capabilities as Explore with added features for employers using inReach as part of their lone worker safety program, including:

  • An Emergency Call Center (ECC) tool for employers that prefer to monitor and manage emergencies themselves via in-house personnel
  • Tracking intervals as frequent as every 30 seconds
  • The ability to create and manage waypoints
  • Easy management of users and groups of users (best for 5+ devices)
  • An application programming interface (API) for integration with third-party systems or services

Note: To use the Enterprise web app, inReach must be activated with a Pro Plan.

Custom SOS Routing via the Emergency Call Centre

Custom SOS Routing via the ECC

While GEOS emergency monitoring is included by default at no extra cost, enrollment is optional. Employers that prefer to monitor and manage emergencies in-house can use the Emergency Call Centre (ECC) tool within the Enterprise web app to:

  • Communicate with the individual(s) in distress
  • Track and display the location of lone workers in a choice of web-based map
  • Route SOS alerts to as many as 20 email addresses, or SMS numbers
  • Maintain a detailed incident log
  • Display tracking data in 3D with the use of a KML feed and Google Earth to view a detailed breadcrumb trail of the last seven days of the user’s data (Also useful for post-incident investigations and reports)

Note: Integrate your preferred third-party monitoring service provider via the available application programming interface (API)

Manage Multiple Devices

Manage Multiple Devices

The convenient 'list' view enables easier management and monitoring of several inReach device users at once:

  • Create and manage groups of users (e.g. by project, region, division)
  • Manage individual devices or apply changes to a group of devices all at once (e.g. activate, change or suspend plans)
  • Manage firmware updates on behalf of inReach device users

Flexible Tracking Intervals

Flexible Tracking Intervals

Set inReach tracking intervals as frequent as every 30 seconds; ideal for use in faster moving vehicles or aircraft.

Application Programming Interface (API)

The available API makes it easy for developers to export data in real time to another system, database, or customized map.

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