My fiance was in Africa for five weeks and I decided to get the phone for her to use to keep in touch with each other and provide her with another means of safety. Even... More

Glendale, CA

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Garmin® inReach® Satellite Communicators

inReach 2-way Satellite Communicators

inReach satellite communicators with GPS navigation

From Canada’s backcountry to the rest of the world, the inReach line from Garmin provides 2-way messaging, location sharing, GPS navigation and critical SOS functions – with 100% communications coverage on land, water, or in the skies. Rugged, impact-resistant and water-resistant with a long battery life, inReach gives you all the tools to stay connected at work or play – anywhere on earth. With an inReach SE+ or inReach Explorer+ you’re never out of reach, never out of range.

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inReach Explorer®+

Satellite communicator with SOS, maps and sensors for full-fledged GPS navigation.


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inReach SE®+

Satellite communicator with SOS and basic GPS navigation.


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