Check-In Monitoring

Keep your eyes on the field

GeoPro Device UserLone workers can easily complete routine check-ins or respond to reminders. Find out more about Check-in on compatible devices.

Many organizations use check-in practices to keep employees working alone at remote job sites safe. Create and assign check-in schedules to automate routine check-in events, and if a check-in is missed, GeoPro instantly notifies those you designate.

GeoPro’s robust check-in scheduler supports:

  • Scheduled check-in at defined times or intervals (e.g. every 2 hours)
  • Adhoc check-in
  • Automatic reminders sent to employees when due
  • Real-time alerting of escalation contacts when a check-in is overdue (via email, SMS or the web app)
  • Respond promptly to failed check-in incidents with automatic notification of designated individuals via email, SMS and the GeoPro Web Application
  • Prompt response to missed check-in incidents

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