Two-Way Messaging

Work alone communication is a two-way street

GeoPro Device UserLone workers can communicate with other email, SMS or GeoPro users. Find out more about Two-way Messaging on compatible devices.

Two-way messaging improves employee productivity and morale. It also significantly improves safety managers’ ability to obtain real-time updates from lone workers.

For example, when an employee sends an emergency alert, isn't it crucial to know what has occurred and have the means to let them know that help is on the way? One-way messengers and emergency beacons simply don't measure up in this regard.

The GeoPro solution offers a number of benefits:

  • Email lone worker device users directly -- without having to communicate through the web app
  • Exchanging vital updates with employees and first responders during emergency incidents
  • Proactively forewarn employees of new or unexpected risks (e.g. changes in weather)

Take a tour of the GeoPro solution: