How to Rent a Satellite Phone

Easy Come, Easy Go.

Roadpost will ship out Iridium satellite phones anywhere in North America within 24 hours and will send you a complete return shipping package including detailed instructions, pre-populated waybills and free return shipping. This ensures a smooth and easy transition from us to you and back.

Rent a Satellite Phone in 4 Easy Steps

Order an Iridium satellite phone rental » Receive the Iridium satellite phone rental » Use the Iridium satellite phone rental » Easily return the Iridium satellite phone rental

1) Order

Order a satellite phone rental.


2) Receive

Your satellite phone rental and free accessories are delivered to your doorstep when required.


3) Enjoy

Great rates, excellent coverage and 24/7 support.


4) Return

Return your satellite phone rental with the prepaid return shipping package that was sent to you with your order.

Rent a Satellite Phone