My fiance was in Africa for five weeks and I decided to get the phone for her to use to keep in touch with each other and provide her with another means of safety. Even... More

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inReach®: Lone worker safety is within reach

The inReach line from Garmin® represents a breakthrough in lone worker safety compliance. As the only affordable, satellite communicator offering 100% global coverage, it’s no wonder that inReach has become the preferred lone worker safety and communication tool used by our enterprise and government clients. We consider inReach the Gold Standard for connecting and protecting employees travelling or working anywhere without reliable cellular coverage.

Unlike one-way devices, inReach offers a two-way messaging and interactive SOS for added peace of mind in critical situations. Safety managers can breathe easier knowing that with an inReach device, even the most isolated individuals can request help and be reached and rescued, anywhere in the world.

Lone Worker Monitoring Applications

inReach devices are compatible with a variety of web based monitoring apps.

  • The free Explore web app is compatible with all models of inReach and best suited for consumer use, or employers with just a few devices to manage. GEOS 24/7 emergency monitoring services are included and mandatory.
  • The free Enterprise web app is also compatible with all models of inReach and better suited to the requirements of employers with 10 or more devices. It offers more advanced device management, waypoint, tracking and monitoring features. GEOS 24/7 emergency monitoring services are included, but enrollment is optional*.
  • The GeoPro web app from Roadpost requires a subscription, but is best suited to the requirements of employers that require robust device management, geofencing, check-in scheduling and alert monitoring features. GEOS 24/7 alert monitoring services are included at no extra cost, but enrollment is optional*. GeoPro is compatible with inReach, view compatibility details.

*Employers can opt to directly monitor and manage emergency alerts in-house, if preferred.

Dillon Case Study

Raising the Bar on Safety

How Dillon Consulting transformed their safety culture with the inReach SE

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