I chose Roadpost for the flexible plans that allowed me to tailor the usage and cost to my specific needs. When I called to place the order, they took care of me quickly... More

Waban, MA

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Iridium GO!

Iridium GO!

This compact, rugged and portable unit creates an instant Wi-Fi hotspot with a 30 m range. Just flip up the antenna and go to enjoy a reliable global connection for voice and data communications for 1 to 5 smartphones or tablets. All powered by the world’s furthest reaching satellite network.

Iridium GO! Accessories
Roadpost’s Repair/Replacement Guarantee

Roadpost offers the best repair or replacement warranty in the industry.

Iridium GO! Subscriptions

  • NO contract
  • Unlimited data just $129/month


Iridium GO! Prepaid Cards

  • Mix voice, SMS and data any way that works for you
  • Receive automated reminders


Iridium GO!

Use your smartphone for voice calls, email, SMS, sending photos or basic web browsing –
anywhere on the