Iridium Prepaid Card Comparison

Iridium Prepaid Card

Your satellite trump card.

Learn more about the features and coverage of Iridium Prepaid Cards

Iridium prepaid cards offer great rates. They are perfect for seasonal use or fixed budgets. Consider the region you’ll be traveling, then factor in expected airtime usage and other features. All Iridium prepaid cards include voicemail.

Things you should know:

  • Prepaid expiry dates start from the day it is shipped.
  • Most cards can be recharged with airtime, Roadpost recharges are priced the same as the retail price of the card. Beware of vendors who charge more to recharge your card than cost of a new one!
  • When you recharge your card, you retain your original Iridium phone number and expiry dates are automatically extended.
  • We’ll always notify you when your card is due to expire, or running low on airtime. And only Roadpost offers convenient online tools to manage your prepaid service anytime.

Prepaid Cards Price Airtime Rates*
(to landline/cellular)
Expiry Recharge Extend Expiry Buy Now
Canada & AlaskaCanada & Alaska
Significantly discounted airtime for users in Canada or Alaska.
200 Minutes $365 $1.73/min 6 months Yes Yes (with recharge)
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With global coverage these cards work anywhere you do, and are the only cards that offer options to extend expiry dates.**
75 Minutes $180 $2.40/min 1 month Yes Yes
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225 Minutes $490 $2.18/min 3 months Yes Yes
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300 Minutes** $795 $2.65/min 12 months No No
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500 Minutes $995 $1.99/min 12 months Yes Yes
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750 Minutes** $895 $1.19/min 6 months No No
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1000 Minutes $1950 $1.95/min 12 months Yes Yes
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3000 Minutes $3800 $1.27/min 24 months Yes Yes
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5000 Minutes $5250 $1.05/min 24 months Yes Yes
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For regional use in Africa.
300 Minutes $425 $1.42/min 12 months Yes Yes (with recharge)
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Latin AmericaLatin America
Discounted airtime for moderate usage within Latin America.
200 Minutes $345 $1.73/min 6 months Yes Yes (with recharge)
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*All airtime rates are outgoing to landline or cellular. Canada & Alaska Iridium Prepaid Card airtime rates are from Canada/Alaska to Canada or USA. Africa Iridium Prepaid Card rates are from Africa to any country. Latin America Iridium Prepaid Card rates are from Latin America to any country. Making voice calls, data calls or sending SMS messages are not possible outside the specified region (Africa, Canada/Alaska and Latin America); receiving voice, data and SMS messages are still possible. Coverage region includes the region itself plus 12 nautical miles into coastal waters.

**300 and 750 minute Iridium Prepaid Global Standard cards are non-extendable and cannot be recharged or combined with any card/voucher.