Iridium Prepaid Perks

Roadpost Canada has you covered.

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Iridium prepaid cards
Manage your services

Manage your Iridium prepaid card with online tools and auto alerts.

One drawback of a prepaid service is that airtime and expiry dates have to be actively managed to ensure you have the service available when you need it. We wanted to make that a little easier. We’ll automatically email/SMS you when your airtime is running low or about to expire. And only Roadpost offers convenient online tools that allow you to manage your prepaid service anytime: check unused airtime, recharge your card, or extend expiry dates. You won’t get that from ‘the other guys’.

Manage Iridium Services

  • Actively manage prepaid airtime and expiries: view and manage all of your Iridium services online.
  • Recharge or extend expiry online: add airtime or extend expiry dates on your prepaid card with the click of a button.

Auto Alerts

  • Automatically receive balance notifications: via email and SMS when your prepaid card has less than 50 minutes remaining.
  • Automatically receive expiry notifications: via email and SMS 10 days before your prepaid card is due to expire.

Accessing your services is simple.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click "Manage Iridium Services" to view all services assigned to your account.
  3. Click on the service number you wish to access. From the "Service Details" page you will be able to view all relevant details associated with your service, including prepaid card balance, card type, card status and expiry date.

Buy an Iridium prepaid card or manage your services.

If you will be using your phone regularly throughout the year and prefer maximum convenience with lower rates, a postpaid subscription may be a better option for you. Contact us to discuss options.