Prepaid Cards vs. Postpaid Plans

Compare Prepaid and Monthly Airtime Plans

Satellite Phone Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are a great option if you aren’t concerned with having an 'always on' satellite airtime service. Benefits of prepaid cards:

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Satellite Phone Airtime Monthly Plans

Postpaid plans offer the convenience of uninterrupted service without having to manage usage. Benefits of postpaid plans:

  • Best rates
  • Most flexible
  • Hassle free monthly service
  • Postpaid plans are ‘always on’ so you’ll never run out of airtime
  • Receive detailed call records

Whether you want satellite airtime service for a month or forever, we offer competitive options to suit every need.

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Compare Iridium Prepaid Cards vs Iridium Airtime Postpaid Plans

Compare Prepaid Cards Postpaid Subscriptions
Best suited for... Temporary or seasonal usage Regular usage throughout the year
Benefits No monthly fees or contracts Maximum convenience, flexibility and great airtime rates
Rates and details
  • From $1.05/minute to $2.65/minute
  • FREE incoming calls
  • FREE incoming texts
  • FREE voicemail
  • +1 Access unavailable
  • From $69.00/month
  • All plans include some airtime
  • FREE incoming calls
  • FREE incoming texts
  • FREE voicemail and call display service
  • +1 Access $9.95/month
Does my service expire? SIM cards expire in 1 to 24 months, depending on card you purchased* SIM card is unlimited; it does not expire while your contract is open
Does my airtime expire? Minutes expire from 1 to 24 months depending on the card you purchased Unused minutes expire at the end of each month
When do I pay for my airtime minutes? In advance Every month
Do I have to top up my airtime? Yes No
Will call details appear in my monthly statement? No Yes
Minute pooling or sharing available? No Yes**
Coverage Worldwide or regional prepaid cards available Worldwide
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*Prepaid card expiry can be extended. Airtime top ups can be completed within 24 hours, Mon-Fri. (excluding holidays)
**You can share (pool) included voice minutes across all users on the same account. Included SMS cannot be pooled.