I recently used Roadpost for a business trip out of the country and found it to be extremely responsive and excellent. I received my satellite phone by overnight courier... More

Barbara Fry
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Iridium Sat Phone Rentals

Calling all commitment-phobes.

Get flexible, short-term, voice and data solutions for work or play with no long term commitment.

Whether you're looking for adventure or working in regions where no other form of communication is available, you can rely on global satellite coverage to stay connected. Rentals are a great choice if you only need a satellite phone for a few days or months or prefer not to own a phone.

Iridium 9555 rental kit

Iridium - Global Satellite Voice & Data

Iridium has the largest commercial satellite constellation in the world and is the only truly global provider of satellite voice services; this includes oceans, airways and Polar Regions too.

The Iridium network has the best call quality and the fewest incidences of dropped calls. It's the leader in the satellite voice market today.

Iridium satellite phone rental term options:

Daily Rental (Save 25%)
Monthly Rental (Save 25%)
3 & 6 Month Rentals

Save 25% on Daily & Monthly Iridium Phone Rentals, book or pre-book by June 30, 2017. Online only.

All Iridium rentals include a Welcome Kit, with a prepaid return waybill and shipping bag so you don't pay a dime on return shipping.

Only Roadpost offers you the most reliable network plus FREE accessories, voicemail service and calls to 24/7 customer support with every rental. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction. Can other Satellite providers offer you the same?

Satellite phone rentals frequently asked questions:

Can you rent a satellite phone?
Yes, Roadpost.ca offers two models and multiple term options, from daily satellite phone rentals to 6 months
Where can i rent a satellite phone?
You can rent a satellite phone in Canada at Roadpost.ca.
Which accessories comes with the satellite phone rental?
A spare battery, car charger and AC international adapters.
Do I need an extra battery with the satellite phone rental?
No, the Iridium satellite phone rental kit comes with two batteries, one with the satellite phone and a spare battery.
Does the satellite phone kit comes with chargers?
Yes, a vehicle 12v charger and a AC wall chargers with the international adapters.
Does the sat phone rental kit comes with a carry case?
Yes, every satellite phone rental kit comes with a bag to carry the phone and its accessories everywhere you go.
What is the minimum of days required to rent a satellite phone?
There is no minimum of days required to rent your satellite phone with Roadpost.