The Enterprise Web App for inReach

For employers using inReach devices for work alone safety

inReach Enterprise Web App

The Enterprise web app was designed for organizations that require centralized management of multiple inReach devices deployed to employees in the field. Secure and cloud-based the Enterprise app makes it easier to keep track of inReach users anywhere in the world and view them on a detailed topographic map, coordinate logistics in remote locations, and more.

The Enterprise web app, used in conjunction with the GEOS SOS monitoring service and inReach devices activated with a Pro Plan, is an affordable means of addressing employer duty of care. It ensures that employees that work alone can obtain assistance in the event of an emergency.

“Managers now enjoy easy communication with the field staff and can rest easy knowing where everyone is, and that they can contact us if required.”

– Shane L., RTL

Features of the Enterprise Web App

Compatible inReach Work Alone Devices

For anyone concerned with keeping track of the safety of lone workers or coordinating team logistics in remote locations, Garmin® inReach+® devices offer enhanced peace-of-mind. When working alone beyond cell coverage, inReach provides global Iridium satellite coverage for two-way messaging, GPS tracking, and interactive SOS alerting anywhere in the world.

The inReach SE®+ includes basic navigation features and the inReach Explorer®+ adds preloaded DeLorme topographic maps on-screen for a complete all-in-one backcountry communication and navigation experience.

Manage Multiple inReach Devices

Easier Management of Multiple inReach Users

The Enterprise web app list view feature makes it easy to:

  • Create and manage groups of users (e.g. by project or region)
  • Make changes to a device or a group of devices at once (e.g. activate, change or suspend monthly service plans)
  • Manage inReach firmware updates for device users

Team Tracking

The team tracking feature enables groups of inReach users to track each other in the field, using inReach paired with a smartphone.

Key features:

  • Supports many-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many tracking scenarios
  • Admin tools to activate and manage team tracking usage

Learn how to enable Team Tracking.

inReach Enterprise Team Tracking

24/7 Emergency Monitoring Service Included

When using the Enterprise web app, expert 24/7 emergency alert monitoring and dispatch services are provided by GEOS. The GEOS monitoring service is mandatory and included when activating inReach devices with a Pro Plan.

Learn About GEOS

Monthly Pro Plans

Pay-as-you-go monthly plans for professional users, and the freedom to change or cancel monthly service online anytime. Use of the Enterprise web app requires inReach devices* be activated with a Pro Plan.

Learn About Pro Plans