GeoPro Work Alone Safety Solution

Protect Employees that Work Alone

GeoPro: An Easier Way to Manage Work Alone Safety

If ensuring the safety of employees that work alone is a concern, GeoPro makes it easy. GeoPro is a complete work alone safety solution that helps organizations more effectively monitor employee well-being and respond to missed check-in, emergency, man down, and crossed geo-fence incident alerts. Uniquely, GeoPro is compatible with a variety of satellite-based lone worker devices and a mobile app for smartphones, and is easily configured to your preferred safety procedures.

Simply set up your emergency contacts, escalation procedures and the types of safety alerts you want to monitor, and let GeoPro take care of the rest. Whether employees work within cellular coverage or the most remote places on Earth, with GeoPro you’ll have a two-way system of communication and the peace-of-mind of knowing that anyone working alone can check-in, or obtain assistance in the event of an emergency -- anywhere in the world.

GeoPro is a flexible best-in-class solution that:

  • Provides peace of mind for lone workers and their employers
  • Makes it easy to check on the well-being of lone workers via a real-time global dashboard
  • Automates check-in schedules and reminders
  • Provides real-time alerts for: emergencies, missed check-ins, man-down and more
  • Includes expert 24/7/365 alert monitoring services, or direct monitoring options
  • Is easily configured to your preferred work alone safety procedures
  • Supports journey monitoring and tracking
  • Improves decision-making and incident response
  • Provides secure access to incident logs and reports
  • Is compatible with a variety of cell- or satellite-based work alone safety devices
  • Supports unobtrusive check-in and SOS via a wearable (watch, pendant or belt clip)
  • Is secure, accessible and Cloud-based (no software to install)
GeoPro Web Apps and Devices

Customer Spotlight

“Ensuring safety for lone workers is a big problem for many industries.”

Cory Chubb, Kruger Industries

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A Turn-Key Work Alone Safety Solution

Together with the global alert monitoring service and your choice of lone worker safety device, GeoPro is a turn-key solution that can be easily adapted to your OHS work alone procedures, and quickly deployed to address Canadian Work Alone Legislation.

Backed by Roadpost solution experts, we make it easy so you rest easy.

GeoPro Web App

GeoPro Web Application

The secure GeoPro web app supports global real-time monitoring of the well-being of employees and can be easily configured to your preferred work alone procedures.

  • Configure and assign check-in schedules
  • Define alerts and escalation contacts
  • Manage users, permissions and subscriptions
  • Maintain and view safety incident logs and reports
  • And more

GeoPro is reliable and secure

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Work Alone Safety Devices (Satellite)

Equip employees with your preferred satellite-based lone worker safety device and monitor their well-being anywhere in the world, even where there’s no cell service. GeoPro is compatible with inReach, Iridium Extreme and other satellite-based devices.

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GeoPro Mobile App

For lone workers with access to reliable cellular coverage, the GeoPro Mobile App turns any smartphone into a work alone safety device, with easy check-in and emergency alerting.

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GEOS emergency coordinator

Global 24/7 SOS Alert Monitoring

Rest easy. GeoPro includes 24/7/365 global incident alert monitoring, and response, at no additional cost. Our expert alert monitoring partner, GEOS, will stand watch around-the-clock so that you don’t have to. Alternatively:

  • Use GeoPro to monitor employee check-in and safety alerts in-house. The web-based monitoring dashboard provides a 360° view of employees globally and real-time incident alerting
  • An application programming interface (API) is available for integrating other third-party solutions
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Simply the best way to discover how GeoPro can help ensure the safety of your lone workers.

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Employer’s Guide to Work Alone Laws in Canada



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