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Emergency Prep & Disaster Recovery

How resilient would your organization be if landline or cellular networks were down? Unlike terrestrial networks, the Iridium satellite network is not vulnerable to hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes or other terrestrial events – it’s infrastructure is in space.

Used as a back-up to traditional networks, Iridium voice and data solutions are an effective strategy to maximize your organization’s ability to recover quickly in the wake of a disaster. You can rely on Iridium to support critical communication, thereby reducing down time, lost revenue, and preventing loss of life.

Handhelds like Iridium satellite phones, or a ZOLEO global messaging device can be carried with you or included in a grab-and-go emergency kit, and specialized equipment can extend satellite communications to a vehicle or mobile command center, or integrated with a PBX for in-building use. Lower your risk by making Iridium solutions a keystone in your emergency plan.

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