2021 Satellite Airtime Service Plan Buyer’s Guide

Compare Iridium Prepaid and Monthly Airtime Service Plan Options

A handy quick reference chart comparing key features and benefits of prepaid airtime SIM cards and monthly service plans. Choose the Iridium airtime option that’s best for you.

Compare Prepaid SIM Cards Monthly Service Plans
Best suited for... Short-term or seasonal usage Ongoing satellite phone service that won’t expire until you cancel it
Benefits No monthly service fees
Airtime is pre-purchased for use within a defined expiry period
Maximum convenience, flexibility
No airtime limit or expiry dates to manage
All plans include some airtime each month and affordable rates for additional usage
Coverage Global or regional, depending on the card Global
Calling features Airtime is available until it is depleted or expires
FREE incoming calls & texts
FREE voicemail
Dedicated US Phone Number option is not available
Unlimited Iridium-to-Iridium Calling option is not available
All plans include some airtime that can also be pooled
FREE incoming calls & texts
FREE voicemail & call display service
Dedicated US Phone Number option is available
Unlimited Iridium-to-Iridium Calling option is available
Does my satellite service expire? Yes, SIM cards expire in 1 to 24 months, depending on card at which time you will be unable to make/receive calls* No expiration, monthly service does not expire, your satellite service is active until you cancel it
Does my airtime expire? Yes, prepaid airtime expires in 1 to 24 months depending on the card, and unused airtime will be lost There is no limit to the airtime you can use, however any unused minutes that are included with your plan expire at the end of each month
Does my satellite phone number expire? Yes, when your prepaid SIM card expires, you risk losing your number No, you keep your satellite phone number until you cancel
When do I pay for my airtime minutes? In advance Airtime usage is billed monthly
Do I have to refill my airtime? Yes No
Will call details appear in my monthly statement? No Yes
Is airtime pooling or sharing available? No Yes**
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Why Choose an Iridium Prepaid SIM Card?

Prepaid cards are a good option if you aren’t concerned with having an 'always on' satellite airtime service. Features and benefits of prepaid SIM cards from Roadpost:

  • Ideal for seasonal or short-term use. Prepaid airtime expires within 1-24 months
  • Airtime is paid for in advance, a good option for those on a fixed budget
  • Most cards can be refilled online, when you need more airtime
  • Some prepaid cards offer the option to extend the expiry date for a fee
  • One limitation is that detailed call records are not provided
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Why Choose an Iridium Monthly Plan?

Monthly plans offer the convenience of hassle-free ongoing, uninterrupted service without having to manage usage or expiry dates. Features and benefits of monthly service plans from Roadpost:

  • Flexible, pay-as-you-go ongoing monthly service that you can change or cancel anytime
  • All plans include some airtime and affordable rates for additional usage. Airtime pooling is supported
  • Hassle-free ongoing monthly service with no limits to the amount of airtime you can use
  • Postpaid plans are ‘always on’ so you’ll never have to worry about your service expiring and becoming unavailable
  • View detailed call records in your online account
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