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Keep Lone Workers Connected and Safe Anywhere

For employees who work beyond the reach of cell coverage, the award-winning ZOLEO satellite communicator provides seamless messaging and emergency alerting with coverage everywhere. Combining ease of use and value for your dollar, ZOLEO is an ideal lone working solution for businesses, governments, and NGOs.

With reliable messaging coverage that follows users beyond cell coverage and back, and a dedicated SMS number so contacts can reach you, ZOLEO is an indispensable productivity tool in the remote field. Two-way SOS alerting with 24/7 monitoring and progressive status updates, makes ZOLEO a superior safety solution for anyone that travels off the grid.

ZOLEO helps organizations comply with Canadian OHS Work Alone Legislation and fulfill their duty of care obligations to mitigate risks and ensure the well-being of employees.

ZOLEO Lone Worker Safety Solution

ZOLEO Case Studies

Thousands of organizations depend on ZOLEO to ensure the safety and productivity of individuals operating in the remote field. You can too.

ITDRC   TEAAM   Blue Collar Silviculture
Vital Connectivity with No Coverage Gaps

ZOLEO: Vital Connectivity for Lone Workers

When used with the free app on the user's smartphone or tablet, ZOLEO offers one of the best global messaging and safety experiences available. ZOLEO transmits messages via satellite, cellular, or Wi-Fi, using the lowest cost network available for seamless connectivity. While robust safety features like check-in, SOS alerting, weather forecasts and GPS location sharing give everyone peace of mind.

A Standalone Lone Worker Safety Solution

The rugged ZOLEO device offers an added measure of personal security for remote workers. Built-in check-in and SOS alerting buttons and long-lasting battery enable the ZOLEO device to serve as a self-contained safety solution that works anywhere on the planet and is independent of the user's smartphone.

ZOLEO SOS and Check In Buttons

Enhance Remote Workforce Safety with ZOLEO

Ensure the safety of your employees, wherever they are. ZOLEO Track provides timely, vital location updates, enhancing situational awareness even in off-grid areas. Monitor the well-being of your team with ease. Watch our video to see ZOLEO Track in action.

Need Interval-Based Tracking? Get Location Share+

Location Share+ is an add-on subscription that enables ZOLEO device users to
automatically share their location on a defined interval* and allows account owners (and
Share Map viewers) to monitor their journey using ZOLEO Track.

Blue Collar Silviculture Ltd.

“There are a lot of potential hazards to encounter when planting trees in remote areas. Equipping our management team with ZOLEO devices when working off the grid, helps us be prepared. ZOLEO has become a key component of our safety and operating procedures.” — Simon C., Project Manager

Benefits of ZOLEO

ZOLEO mitigates risks for both employers and employees:

  • Supports journey monitoring and tracking
  • Easy to use and deploy
  • Can be part of an integrated solution

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