Iridium GO! exec Postpaid SIM Card
Iridium GO! exec Postpaid SIM Card

Iridium GO! exec Monthly Service Plans

As Low As $105.00/Month Free activation fee
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With Iridium GO! exec® plans from Roadpost, you benefit from monthly service with no long- term contracts, activation or cancellation fees. Plus, enjoy the freedom to change or cancel plans at any time. These plans are perfect for those looking for a communal portable solution to provide multiple voice lines and essential data at an affordable monthly rate. Experience the convenience of receiving automated high-usage alerts and the option to block services to better manage your bill.


  • No activation required! SIM is shipped ready to use.
  • FREE voicemail and call display
  • 100% global coverage over every inch of the planet
  • Operates on Iridium Certus®, which offers the highest speed, weather-resilient L-band connectivity and only truly global mobile satellite service on the market
  • Receive free high-usage notifications to the account email
  • Airtime and data can be shared by multiple users of the same device (2 voice lines and 3 data connections)
  • Use data to access popular apps like Whatsapp, Onemail, and PredictWind

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Iridium Coverage

Only Iridium provides 100% global communications coverage

Iridium logo

Stay connected everywhere. Iridium is the leading commercial satellite network in the world and the only one that provides coverage across every inch of the Earth’s oceans, airways and polar regions. Operating on the L-band frequency, it is a highly reliable network that is resilient to adverse weather conditions, resulting in faster connections.

Iridium Network
Iridium network coverage globe

Iridium Certus® 100 Features

Iridium GO! exec operates on Iridium Certus® 100 providing reliable, low-latency access to voice and IP data. With data speeds up to 22 Kbps (transmit) and 88 Kbps (receive) and two high-quality voice lines, enjoy the convenience of simultaneous voice and data access.

Detailed Terms

Iridium GO! exec Monthly Plan Terms & Conditions

Hidden costs aren’t fun. We believe in giving you all the details.

  • Valid only with the use of Iridium GO! exec device.
  • Monthly plan prices are charged upfront. If you cancel or change your plan before the end of your monthly bill cycle, no refunds will be issued. It is best to align cancellations or plan changes with your billing cycle date. Unused airtime and data will not be carried forward each month.
  • Included monthly airtime applies to these call types: landline/cellular, other Iridium phones, other satellite networks, voicemail, and emergency calling in the United States (where available).
  • Calls are billed per minute and data is rounded per 100KBs of usage when billed.
  • High usage notifications will be sent when you use 80% of the plan data bucket and every 5MB after that. These notifications will be sent to the email on the account.
  • The option to suspend and pool/share airtime is not available on these plans.
  • Contact us if you want to buy or remove add-ons like dedicated US phone number, change plans, or cancel plans.
  • Standard Roadpost Service Terms apply.