Iridium Fair Use Policy

This Iridium Fair Use Policy outlines acceptable use of Iridium Services. To ensure high quality network performance for all Iridium network users and customers (‘Subscribers’), Iridium reserves the right to actively monitor usage statistics of Subscribers on the Iridium Communications System (‘ICS’) and take proactive measures to regulate, and if necessary, suspend or deactivate access to the ICS on an ongoing basis.

In addition, the Iridium Fair Use policy’s purpose is to set forth Iridium’s expectations for the reasonable use of the ICS that is in the best interest of all Subscribers and to diminish or eliminate excessive or proper use of the ICS that may negatively impact other Iridium Subscribers or the performance of the ICS.

Prohibited Uses and activities include, but are not limited to, using the Service to:

  • Access peer-to-peer file sharing or use any peer-to-peer networking technology or services
  • Download music, full-length movies, and videos
  • Access streaming services, unless the use of Certus™ Streaming IP Data Service and for a specific business purpose
  • Access unauthorized or un-optimized VoIP services
  • Host server devices such as email, FTP, or web servers
  • Host computer applications, such as web-cam feeds and internet-based PC backup services, that archive your data on a central server with the exception of security-camera feeds that meet a specific business purpose
  • Provide cloud-based products or services
  • Undertake or accomplish any unlawful purpose. This includes, but is not limited to transmitting or disseminating information, data, or material which in any way constitutes or encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, or otherwise violate any local, state, federal or non U.S. law, order or regulation
  • Generate and transmit abnormal or excessive amounts of data or messaging traffic, regardless of application or service type, or excessive voice usage, including without limitation always-on or open connections, as determined solely by Iridium, or
  • Generation and transmission of:
    • Unsolicited messages or any other voice or data communications, including but not limited to marketing spam
    • Any communications or traffic that introduces or poses a security, Integrity, privacy, safety, or performance risk to the ICS or to any Subscriber as determined solely by Iridium or
    • Any communications or traffic on the ICS that (i) results in a denial-of-service attack, a distributed denial-of-service, or an application layer denial-of-service attack to the ICS or any other network or (ii) introduces malware, including, but not limited to, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, adware, back doors, bots, or web-crawlers to the ICS.

Iridium reserves the right to terminate Service for any device or Subscriber found in violation of this Fair Use Policy without recourse. In this instance, the Subscriber will receive no compensation for lost time or usage of the device and/or Service.

Iridium reserves the right to investigate suspected violations of this Policy at any time and to take any of the aforementioned actions and measures to ensure high quality network performance for all Iridium network users and Subscribers on an ongoing basis.