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Why Choose Sat Phone Rentals from Roadpost

The top reasons why you should choose Roadpost Canada to be your satellite phone rental provider.

  • We run on the most reliable network worldwide. Some are known to have mediocre call quality, higher incidence of dropped calls, or less coverage, they may not even work in your planned destination.
  • The option of both daily and monthly rates. Many rental companies charge in full weekly or monthly increments, even if your trip is only for a few days. Don't pay for days you don't need.
  • Accessories are free. Many providers charge for extra batteries, carry cases, chargers and other accessories. They hook you in with low satellite phone rental costs, making it seem like you're getting a deal until you add in all the accessories you'll need.
  • The lowest shipping rates. Many providers charge over $50 for shipping and that doesn't include returning the satellite phone when you're finished. Check out our shipping costs and compare them to the others.
  • Free 24/7 customer support. We'll even credit you the cost of calling in for help if you call from your satellite phone. Satellite phones are a little more complicated than cell phones. You will need a good instruction guide and 24-hour access to a help desk. Some service providers will charge you every time you need their help.
  • Airtime rate discounts. Airtime bundles are a great way to lower your per-minute cost.
  • Two-stage dialing. Incoming calls are free; however callers can be charged as much as $5.00 per minute by their local provider to call an Iridium satellite phone. Two-stage dialing dialing lowers the cost of calling your Iridium phone to the equivalent of a call to Arizona. Some providers don't support it and leave your colleagues or loved ones with costly charges to get in touch with you.
  • The option of Loss & Damage Protection. Roadpost doesn't charge you for protection unless you ask for it. Some other providers consider equipment protection (insurance) mandatory or charge high deductible fees against loss, theft and damage.
  • Simple billing. Roadpost offers itemized invoices detailing your usage.
  • No hassle return shipping. Not all providers give out a complete return shipping package including detailed instructions, pre-populated waybills and free return shipping.

Why Choose Sat Phone Rentals from Roadpost?

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  1. Satellite Phone Rental - Daily Rate - Iridium 9555
    Satellite Phone Rentals - Daily
    As Low As $10.50 Regular Price $12.50
  2. Satellite Phone Rental - Iridium 9555 Monthly Rental
    Iridium Satellite Phone Monthly Rental
    As Low As $213.00 Regular Price $250.00
  3. 3-month Iridium Satellite Phone Rental
    Iridium Satellite Phone 3-Month Rental
    As Low As $128.00 Regular Price $150.00
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