Roadpost Complete Care Plan
Roadpost Complete Care Plan

Complete Care Plan for Iridium 9555

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Like other Iridium 9555 users, we know you’re depending on it to keep you connected under challenging outdoor conditions and extreme weather. That’s why you might want to consider our Complete Care Plan. Your Iridium 9555 device comes with a standard 1-year warranty – however, there’s still time to add an optional 36-month warranty. For just $229, you can enjoy total peace-of-mind for 36 months.

Complete Care Plan that offers:

  • 36 months of complete protection for your new device and accessories*, including the same benefits provided by the manufacturer’s standard warranty and other exclusive benefits.
  • A 'No Lemon' Policy ensuring you receive a full replacement or refund, equivalent to the current replacement value of your phone and accessories, after three (3) repairs or replacements within the coverage period.
  • Up to three (3) FREE repairs or replacements within the coverage period
  • Receive a replacement within 3-5 business days of our receipt of your device.
  • Free shipping of the repaired device back to you.
  • Our expert assistance with firmware upgrades.
  • Repairs performed by an authorized service repair center, ensuring the highest quality of repair on your Iridium device
  • Satisfaction guarantee. You'll have a working phone or we'll give you your money back!

*Applies to the accessories included in-the-box with the Iridium device. Not applicable to any other accessories.

For details, please refer to the Complete Care Plan Terms and Conditions.

Complete Care Plan (36 Months)   + $229.00