Lone Worker Safety Solutions

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Lone Worker Safety Devices, Apps and Monitoring Services

Offering the industry’s best lone worker safety devices, mobile apps and check-in and alert monitoring solutions, Roadpost is the partner of choice for thousands of employers concerned with their lone worker duty of care. From small businesses to Fortune 500, NGOs and government, occupational health and safety managers and employers share a common concern – ensuring the safety of employees that work alone or may work or travel to regions where cellular coverage is unavailable.

Whether you require a safe way for employees to work alone at sites just around the corner, or at isolated greenfield sites completely off the grid, Roadpost offers the industry’s leading:

  • Lone worker safety devices that work even where cell phones won’t
  • Easy to use lone worker safety and check-in apps for smartphones
  • Web-based lone worker safety management applications
  • Expert global alert monitoring and dispatch service providers


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