inReach Enterprise Pro Plans

Pay-as-you-go Pro plans for employers offer value and flexibility


  • A $35 initial activation fee applies to all plans. Plans auto-renew month-to-month until suspended or cancelled. Monthly service fees are billed one month in advance. Activation and administration fees are billed as they occur.
  • Usage is billed monthly and by occurrence. All invoices are electronic.
  • If you make changes between billing cycles, the monthly service charge and any allocated text messages will be prorated accordingly. There is no administration fee to switch plans.
  • Usage fees apply to incoming and outgoing messages. Overage fees apply to usage that exceeds the text or tracking messages included in the user’s plan as outlined.
  • A message is used each time a text message (email or SMS) is sent or received.
  • A track is used each time a position report (a single track point) is transmitted. A track includes just your GPS coordinates (no text message).
  • The minimum tracking interval is 10 minutes.

Weather Forecast Pricing Info

  • Basic and Basic Marine forecasts are used at the rate of one (1) text message per forecast.
  • Premium and Premium Marine forecasts are pay-per-use at the rate of $1.25 per forecast.

Suspending and Unsuspending Service

  • After the initial 30-day term, you can suspend your plan up to once per billing cycle for just $5.95/month. There is no fee to unsuspend your plan.
  • While the service is suspended the inReach device cannot transmit, however users retain access to their online account and historical data in the Enterprise web application.
  • You can downgrade or suspend your plan up to 12 times in a year; all subsequent downgrades or suspensions will be subject to a $10 administration fee. There is no admin fee to upgrade or unsuspend your plan.

Cancelling/Deactivating Service

  • After the initial 30-day term, you can cancel your plan at any time. There is no charge to cancel your plan however users will lose access to their online account, historical data and the Enterprise web application. If you later decide to reactivate your service, an activation fee is charged (consider suspending your service if you might use it again in the future).

Fair Use Policy

  • If your use of unlimited messages and tracking grossly exceeds average typical usage, Roadpost may, at its option, terminate your service or change your plan to one with no unlimited usage components. Where reasonable, Roadpost will provide you with notice of improper usage before suspension or termination of your service and, if appropriate, Roadpost may offer you an alternative plan.

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